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Types of Search Engines:
Crawler-based search engines: These rely on “software spiders” to crawl and index Web pages. You submit your pages to a search engine, and the spider will index your site. With search engines, each individual page of your site can be indexed separately. There are many different ways to submit your Web pages to search engines, including using the Submitter, which mimics a manual submission; using pay inclusion; letting the spiders find the pages on their own through links on other sites; or using free add URL pages. Examples of crawler-based search engines are Google, Altavista, Exicite, Lycos, and Hotbot.
Directories: These rely on submissions from users and Web site owners to populate their indexes. Most directories add your site to their index, but generally they link only to your home page rather than indexing the full text of each page on your site. Examples of directories are Yahoo! and the Open Directory Project (ODP, also known as DMOZ).

Who are the Major Search Engines?

It wasn't long ago, when there was a dozen search engines considered to be major players. Today, Google and Yahoo dominate nearly 90% of all the search engine traffic generated here in the United States. Keep in mind that AOL pulls their results from Google and MSN pulls from Yahoo. Thus when it comes to our optimization services, our main focus is generating top positions within Google and Yahoo.
Google is currently the most popular search portal on the internet. They also supply search results for popular ISP portals such as AOL, Earthlink, AT&T and dozens of other partners.

Yahoo has recently purchased Overture, AltaVista, FAST and Inktomi, making them Google's #1 competitor. They also supply search results for MSN, About and HotBot.

Other notable search engines include Ask Jeeves, Teoma, AltaVista, Lycos, AllTheWeb, HotBot, Netscape, LookSmart and Overture

Search engine positioning is so important:
When done correctly, search engine positioning can generate a far better return of investment than conventional forms of marketing such as direct mail, print ads and trade shows. The demand for high speed internet access, both at the office and at the home, continues to grow. There are currently over 200 million internet users within the U.S. alone and over 600 million worldwide.

How much of an influence do search engines have over online purchases? When online users were asked how they found the websites they purchased from, a survey from Double Click revealed the following:

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