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PPC (Pay per Click)
Pay-Per-Click (PPC): With pay-per-click (or pay-per placement) engines, Web site owners bid on keywords, and whoever is willing to pay the highest price gets their Web page on top. Whenever a visitor clicks on a keyword ad in the search engine results, that Web site owner pays the bid amount. Examples are Overture, Google Ad words, FindWhat, and Kanoodle.

The benefits of your Pay-Per-Click:
First let us state that our staff has been managing Overture accounts since 1998 and has since earned the title of an Overture Ambassador. Your goal should be to generate the highest amount of qualified traffic for the least amount of money and effort. That is where we come along. Maximizing the results of your Pay-Per-Click account is our business. Your monthly reports will provide a detailed analysis of your overall click through charges, total number of clicks & the average cost per click.

The benefits of our Maintenance Process:
Like the stock market, bidding wars go up and down for the more popular key phrases. And because of this, your search term can be outbid at any time by a few pennies and no longer appear at the top of the major search engines ...or the opposite, everyone below you has dropped their bid and you are paying more than you need to. Unless you are planning on only using a handful of non-competitive key phrases, you will quickly find that the hour or two a day spent checking and updating your key phrases is a complete waste of time.

The cost of your "Pay-Per-Click":
Our $100 a month fee (plus what you choose to spend with Overture) is worth every penny and may be cancelled at any time on a month-to-month basis. This services includes extensive key phrase research, full service setup, personal assistance with your bidding strategies, automated bid checking on an hourly basis (performed by an Overture-approved software), email alerts when your Overture account balance is running low and detailed monthly reports. No annual contracts, cancel at any time!

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