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International Medium: A website is an international medium. It is accessible to anyone and everyone in the world looking for specific information on Internet. A website addressing international clients needs to put across information sterilized from local pointers, accents and references and contact details.

24 Hour Marketing Medium: It is a 24 hour marketing medium. No need to depute costly man-hours in explaining your company and company's value-offerings. One well designed and focused website is enough to bring to your doors possible buyers, investors, employees who already know you company, through the site and are aware and are ready to talk business. The same result to achieve through the print media promotions might take a long maturing time.

Seamless Integration: Seamless Integration from print media branding to the digital media (or for that matter any other media) is a prerequisite to any branding plan. Consistency of logo, applications of logo, color schemes, content, flavor of content, brand message etc. is a must for e-branding.

A Website Can Contain Layered Information: These layers present an advantage of offering to the reader one thing at a time and not dazzling him or her with bombardment of details. A good website, through proper information-architecture and navigation plan can retain the same spontaneity and details as a printed brochure would have. One can choose to be offering the information 'Serially' while retaining parallel clueing.

Multimedia Platform: Branding on internet can be a multimedia experience in terms of Audio/Video and text content. With the Advent of Broadband internet and fast popularization of broadband access across the World, dynamic video content on the web will not be a far fetched preposition. Communication of core brand offerings will be much easier than in any other medium, across the globe.
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